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Project Overview

Keep the best for the end. The developer just released the high-rise units that everyone has been waiting for. The limited edition Penthouse and high-rise units are the last remaining 62-67 floors. The issuing unit has the best all-round city view and lake view. It is hard to find, but it is a pity to miss it. Please contact us to book the unit immediately.

M City is the best master plan project in downtown Mississauga. The 67-story M4 Condo is Mississauga's second tallest building. It has the industry's first SmartTech innovative technology that will bring you unlimited life convenience and quality of life, three-story indoor and outdoor facilities, including swimming pools, gyms, yoga, Zen, meeting rooms, children's play centers, entertainment venues, etc. Investment reasons: First, quantitative easing monetary policy aka QE, second, huge immigration quotas, accelerated population growth, third, low housing inventory and lack of supply, fourth, historically low loan interest rates, M4 will be Another project in Mississauga that sold out quickly. 

If the city of Mississauga makes Toronto, Canada’s largest city even more powerful, thenM CityIt's not just the icing on the cake for Mississauga. in my opinion,M City It also has the effect of giving Mississauga the finishing touch.M City Not only from Mississauga"City in city", Also from Toronto, Canada"King of Kings"– Whether you are reluctant to leave facing the blue sky and white clouds, or you land after a long-distance flight to Canada’s largest international airport, which is brightly lit this night, the first thing that catches your eyes is the group outside the window that is constantly beckoning you and towering into the clouds. Of apartment buildings in downtown Mississauga.

The only last piece in downtown Mississauga15A unique design style, advanced architectural concept, and modern urban planning will be erected on the acre of land.10New high-rise apartment buildings, with an investment scale of up to15Billion Canadian dollars, press10Yearly installment, build together9000Apartment units.M City The project was integrated into downtown Mississauga in time21The Century Development Strategy has thus received the full support of the municipal government,M City It will become another landmark building in Mississauga and even Toronto as a whole.!

M City Fourth period (M4) The specific location is 460 Burnhamthorpe Rd West,  Mississauga, In MississaugaBurnhamthorpewithConfederationThe southwest part of the road junction.Looking down from the air, the shape of the plot resembles an oversized football field. The flat ground has maintained its original appearance for more than half a century. Every time I drive past this plot of land, it often reminds me of Central Park in Manhattan, New York. In the park, the geographical location and environmental advantages of the two pieces of land are very similar. The differences between the two are:M CityReality is opportunity, Central Park is the future and dream.M City The location is a combination of scarce resources, non-renewable and irreplaceable, a brand newMississaugaFromM City Start.

As the sales champion and internal super agent of this project, Jiafang Group has the most detailed first-hand information, which can guarantee the lowest price of the unit you buy and the most discount! If you are interested in this project and want to get the floor plan, price list and dream unit in the first time, please call 416-992-2899 immediately, or send an email to: [email protected] We will ensure that we bring you the most Return on investment and increase your wealth and happiness!

Investment reasons

1.Convenient transportation in the community

Light Rail: A few minutes walk to the futureLTRLight rail station, easily accessible after opening to trafficBramptonAnywhere between and Toronto;
High speed: a few minutes drive to enter401,403,410,QEWand407ETRWaiting for the highway

– Commuting: direct access to Square One GO BUS terminal and Cooksville and Erindale GO Train stations;
- Public bus: direct bus to the University of Toronto Mississauga;

2.Complete living facilities.

- nearSquare One Shopping Centre, Surrounded by supermarkets and shopping malls;
Close to MississaugaCentral Library,Civic CentreMississauga Celebration Square,Living Arts Centre,Cineplexcinema,TrilliumHospitals and other public entertainment and leisure facilities. Among them, the celebration square often hosts some exciting activities, such as movie nights, farmers' markets and special festivals;

3. High return on investment.

– In addition to the ever-increasing permanent population in Mississauga, Sheridan College and the University of Toronto Mississippi campus continue to expand, and there is a huge demand for student housing! The most important thing is that you can get to the Mississippi campus by direct bus, and you can walk to Sheridan College-Hazel McCallion Campus.
– The rent for a one-bedroom house can reach around $2800, and the rent for a two-bedroom house can reach around $3800. Therefore, the off-plan investment has a considerable cash flow.
– As one of the most popular apartments in the most popular area of Mississauga, whether it is put on the rental market or the sales market, it must be in a state of "sweeping up and sweeping away."

4.Near the bus station, directGo Traintrain station.

1)Career Opportunities

    - Canadian6Big city, one of the important economic centers, enjoy"City of wealth"(City of Fortune) Reputation;

    – 75Home world500Strong Canadian headquarters, including Microsoft, HP, Amazon, etc.;

    - On job opportunities, especially professional job opportunities, Mississauga and Toronto go hand in hand;

2) Geographical traffic

    - Only from Toronto30Minutes by car

    - Canada's largest airport, direct flight60Multiple countries180Multiple destinations, annual throughput3800Million people

    - The city with the most highways in Canada,1The U.S. border can be reached within an hour;

    - many linesGo TrainandGo Busline;

3) Natural scenery

    - Located on the shore of Lake Ontario to the west of Toronto, there are vast rivers, forests, lakes and fields within its jurisdiction. Sailing, skiing, cycling, camping and hiking can be done everywhere.

4) Ethnic composition

    - Multi-ethnic culture, strong tolerance;

    – 52%The native language of the population is non-English, and the proportion of Chinese is about8%, Second only to European and South Asians, is the third largest ethnic group in Mississauga;

5) Real estate investment

    - Low cost of home ownership, 2019yearTREBThe report shows that Mississauga's housing prices are at a medium level in the Greater Toronto Area (13/23);

    - High rental yield: housing rents are high and the annual growth rate ranks second in the country;

6) Commercial shopping

    - Canada's largest indoor shopping mallSquare One Shopping Center, Shopping center has350Many shops, the annual passenger flow is as high as2400Million

    - Chinese supermarkets have everything, includingOakville,BurlingtonWaiting for the city Chinese to visit frequently;

7) Educational institutions

    - One of Canada's most famous universities, the University of Toronto, Mississippi, is highly sought after by Chinese students;

    - Well-known art and design collegeSheridanCollegeHazel McCallionThe branch school is located here.   

Exclusive benefits for VIP stage:

(i) help you get the very first access to best possible units and incentives 

(ii) help you have lawyers review new agreement of purchase and sale

(iii) help you go through mortgage pre approval process for the purchased units

(iv) help you cap the development fee/levies if any with the developer

(v) help get you developer's free assignment and right to lease during occupancy

(vi) help you arrange the purchased unit's leasing and property management 

(vii) enroll you to our annual lucky draws for valuable and exciting prizes

Special limited-time special offers for the first time within the M4 landmark real estate:

15% Deposit Only:The Best Deposit in GTA: $5,000 Upon Signing, Balance of 5% Due 30 days

5% 240 days, 5% 470 days, 5% due Upon Occupancy 

One Year Free Maintenance

Free Assignment

Free Locker – First 200 Buyers Only

Right to Lease During Occupancy.

在入住前只要15%定金 — 定金最低计划: $5,000 交付签约,  5%减去$5,000 30天交付,5%240天交付,5% 470天交付。

Free building management fee for 1 year,

The transfer is allowed without transfer fees,

Give the right to rent after taking the key,

The development fee is capped and a series of first-time limited-time special offers.

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Developer Information

Rogers Real Estate Development Company is a Canadian media kingdom Rogers A subsidiary of the group. Having this area up to15Acre of land in a prime location in downtown Mississauga exceeds60Years later, the company finally decided to plan this land to own10A group of high-rise apartment buildings with the landmark nature of Mississauga.Rogers The group is strong, Not long ago(2020year6month15day) Donate for COVID-196000Ten thousand Canadian dollars .

Rogers Real estate development company andUrban Capital Joint development M City Off-Plan Project . Urban Capital It is an acclaimed real estate development company that has successfully developed many large-scale real estate projects. The company is best at integrating the developed construction projects into the local community in a way that can increase the value of local living. .

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